Charnos Court Shoes Padded Ball Footsies 1pp


Charnos Court Shoes Padded Ball Footsies 1pp

Charnos Court Shoes Padded Ball Footsies 1pp

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Whether you’re in the office or at the bar, there will come a time when your feet will moan at you, fed up of the long hours spent in heels. But rather than admit defeat and swap those gorgeous courts for flats, look to Charnos for a little SOS. Designed with your busy schedule in mind, the British brand has created the Court Shoes Padded Ball Footsies. As the name suggests, these are perfect for teaming with your heels, as they attempt to take some of the stress away from those tired toes.Made from an opaque fabric, the footliners will hug your feet, remaining hidden all the while. With a clever low cut, those courts will conceal any evidence of the footsies, leaving those around you wondering how you manage your days in heels! The ideal solution to slipping around in your heels, the foot liner has enough elastic in it to create that snug & secure feel. The crowning glory of these lies within, as tucked indiscreetly lays a cushioned pad. Positioned to meet the balls of your feet, this comfy extra works to absorb some of the impact created by dashing around. Soft against your skin and smooth to touch, your footsies feel fabulous once on. Durable enough to handle every day wear, these are also lightweight for your utter comfortable. The seams lie super flat too, minimising the risk of any irritation as your footsies will refuse to rub when you move. Adding a unique Sanitized Actifresh finish, they’ll remain as fresh as the day you got them as odors are banished. With a choice of a chic black and handy natural, treat your courts to both! Available in one size that caters for UK sizes 4-8 (or European 37-40).

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